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About Hansen's TEC-BASE 2

As a K-12 technology coordinator working alone in a small district, I needed a tool that would help me track all of my hardware and software inventory. Since I had no budget to buy a suitable system, I built my own. I called it Hansen's TEC-BASE to stand for the "the TEch Coordinator's dataBASE." Version 1.5 was a very useful tool for me and my small district. Other districts were interested, so I sold about 20 copies for a small price.

When I moved on to a larger district with a staff of technicians, I needed to expand my tools. TEC-BASE still tracks hardware and software inventory, but I added tables for users, IP addresses, purchase orders, and technical work orders. Since it would not be wise to give too many people direct access to such a database, I built a Web interface for other staff members to retrieve and submit relevant information. Hansen's TEC-BASE 2 now serves as my primary communication tool between the technical support staff, building administration, and district users. Just about every"paperwork"-related task is accommodated by TEC-BASE. It has become invaluable for my district. Many other technology directors have expressed interest in using it in their districts and it is now available from this Web site. Click here for a list of features.

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